Alvaro Jiron — Editor

Alvaro is the Editor for Vitality Research Labs. He wanted to share latest Health advancements and tips with everyone and thanks to Vitality Research Labs he is now able to fulfill his dream.

Jesse Hollander — Researcher

Jesse is working as the Researcher at Vitality Research Labs. He tries to learn everything new in our world and share it before anywhere else.

Leona Donaldson — Reporter

Leona works as the Reporter for Vitality Research Labs. She tries to dig deep to get the most accurate and up-to date news from all around the world.

Marlon Tyson — Writer

Marlon is the Writer working at Vitality Research Labs. He loves to write and have been writing from his college days.

Melissa Haluska — Author

Melissa is the Author for Vitality Research Labs. She has a passion for writing and will do anything to keep our readers ahead of the curve.